Formation of Visual Images

Formation of Visual Images

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Students of the ontogenesis of human behavior have the corresponding images become increasingly less long been aware that in the early stages of the obvious. child's development it is impossible to distinguish The situation is similar as regards the analy between perceptual, intellectual, and operative acts. sis of relations and connections between external, With time, perception becomes relatively indepen practical and internal, intellectual activity. The dent of practical, operative actions, and thinking be work of P. Ya. Gal'perin has shown that mental ac comes independent of both. For this reason, general tion is formed on the basis of external material ac psychologists tend to forget the genetic link between tions, with real objects. On the basis of contempo perceptual, intellectual, and operative processes. rary psychological and genetic-epistemological re As a result, thinking is investigated without behav search, A. N. Leont'ev has given convincing proof ior and behavior without thinking, or skills are in of the genetic link between external and internal vestigated without perception and perception without activity. He emphasizes in particular the role of action.The other type of reversible shape was Schroedera#39;s staircase; the overall size of the figure was 25 X 25Ad. ... A cube with a large square measuring 25 x 25Ad, a small square measuring 10 x 10Ad, and a height of 10Ad (actual measurements 2, 1, and 1 mm respectively), made of ... The last test of this series was a circle divided into four sectors, each containing a small circle. ... Reversal of the cube, both flat and solid, did not begin at once, but 20a€“30 sec after the cap had been placed on theanbsp;...

Title:Formation of Visual Images
Author:V. P. Zinchenko
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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