Fossil Behavior Compendium

Fossil Behavior Compendium

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In this complete and thorough update of Arthur Boucota€™s seminal work, Evolutionary Paleobiology of Behavior and Coevolution, Boucot is joined by George Poinar, who provides additional expertise and knowledge on protozoans and bacteria as applied to disease. Together, they make the Fossil Behavior Compendium wider in scope, covering all relevant animal and plant groups and all epochs, and providing a detailed review of animal and plant fossil behavior in terrestrial and aquatic environments. Fossil behavior encompasses not only past evidence of the life history of an organism but also behavioral, predation, and symbiotic interactions, including parasitism. This book compares patterns of behavior and coevolution in the past with those of the present-day descendants. It also discusses how to evaluate the rates of evolution of behavior and coevolution at various taxonomic levels. The compendium emphasizes the interactions between fossils and compares these interactions with present-day counterparts. It also provides new discussions on topics related to fossils in amber. Keeping Boucota€™s trademark, easy-to-read style, the book includes new findings never published previously, reports not easily accessed, numerous examples, 40 tables, 285 illustrationsa€”some published here for the first timea€”and a four-page color insert. The book provides a concise account of the evidence for varied disease types recognized to date in the fossil record.Poinar (1993, Figure 10) illustrated phoretic mites on the underside of a Dominican amber beetle belonging to the Leiodidae. Poinar and Poinar (1999, Figure 59) illustrated phoretic mites on the underside of a platypodid beetle. Reliabilityanbsp;...

Title:Fossil Behavior Compendium
Author:Arthur J. Boucot, George O. Poinar, Jr.
Publisher:CRC Press - 2011-06-03


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