Foundation Flash 8

Foundation Flash 8

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Foundation Flash 8 is the book you need if youa€™re looking for a solid foundation in Flash 8 Basic and Flash 8 Professional. Thousands upon thousands of designers have already learned from its previous editions and ita€™s easy to understand why. The fourth edition of friends of EDa€™s legendary beginner Flash book, Foundation Flash 8 uses a series of structured exercises and detailed discussions to help you start your exploration of Flash. The detailed tutorial style will ensure that you retain the knowledge you gain and are able to draw upon it throughout your Flash career. Foundation Flash 8 features a running case study that evolves into a fully-functional Flash website as you work through the tutorials, so youa€™ll immediately see everything that you learn being used in a practical project. This book focuses on the core skills that you need to get started working with Flash 8: understanding the interface, becoming familiar with the creative tools and their capabilities, grasping the relationships between the different components that make up a Flash movie, and getting insight into how to put all the pieces together to create your own Flash-based website.With the Simulate Download option activated, you can actually see how bandwidth will affect your movie in real time, ... A lot of unstreamed sites are Flash showcase sites where Flash designers show off to other Flash designers or potential clients. ... Although the Internet is getting faster all the time, low bandwidths (or rather, a€œlower bandwidths than you need to put ... takes into account any file compression during SWF compilationa€”the Bandwidth Profiler will assume compressed fileanbsp;...

Title:Foundation Flash 8
Author:Sham Bhangal, Kristian Besley
Publisher:Apress - 2005-11-01


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