Four Seasons Pasta

Four Seasons Pasta

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In a world where everyone seems to be trying to eat more healthfully and seasonally, nothing makes more sense for dinner than pasta with vegetables. In Four Seasons Pasta, best-selling author Janet Fletcher follows the harvest to create more than 50 seasonal recipes for this wholesome combination. Inspired by the southern Italian pasta repertoire, Fletcher has unearthed many little-known gemsa€”authentic, unfussy regional recipes that even novice cooks can make. From a spring fava bean stew with fusilli to summer's spaghetti alla Palermitana (with zucchini, tomatoes, anchovies and capers), peak-season produce paired with pasta makes a totally satisfying meal. Autumn brings radicchio to braise with pancetta and onionsa€”a savory sauce for tagliatelle. Even winter provides produce for the pasta kitchen: beans for hearty bean-and-pasta soups and kale for a winter pesto. With guidelines for choosing dried pasta, making fresh pasta from scratch, and equipping the pasta kitchen, Four Seasons Pasta offers readers a delicious and sensible way to eat for life.I have yet to find a domestic pasta with the cooking and eating qualities I seek. cooking pasta Many myths persist ... They worry about when to add salt to the water, whether to add oil, how to test for doneness, and how to keep noodles ... I salt the water just after I fill the pot so I wona#39;t forget to do it. It makes absolutely no difference. Salt it Whenever you like, as long as you do so before you add the pasta.

Title:Four Seasons Pasta
Author:Janet Fletcher
Publisher:Chronicle Books - 2012-10-19


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