Fourth Sunday

Fourth Sunday

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What happens when a real life book club decides to write their own novel? The result is a fresh, fun story about a group of women who have more in common than just the books they read. Fourth Sunday written by B.W. Read (aka a€œBecause We Reada€) is the tale of seven women and their journey towards friendship by way of a simple book club. Over time, their friendship grows beyond books, as their lives, relationships, careers, and families become one. The core group of womena€”Gwen, Natalie, Allana, Brianna, Camille, Destiny, and Adrianea€”shares not only their love of books at these monthly meetings but their life experiences as well. Over two years, the women undergo a number of trials within their own lives as they confront divorce, illness, romantic highs and lows, sexual experimentation, and career challenges. Throughout the good times and bad times, their book club family provides support, encouragement, laughter, and love. Fourth Sunday is timeless cosmopolitan literature. The novel incorporates intellect and riveting facts about medical, political and small business state of affairs while balancing playfulness and sensuality. It is funny, it is sad, it is contemporary, but most of all it is real.The blast from the ambulance siren and the flickering of the red and blue lights declared an emergency. Piled in the Range Rover, we succeeded in keeping up with the tattered ambulance that was traveling faster than the thirty-five-miles-anbsp;...

Title:Fourth Sunday
Author:B. W. Read
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2011-05-10


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