Fowler's Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine

Fowler's Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine

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Logically organized by taxonomic groups, this up-to-date text covers the diagnosis and treatment of all zoo animal species and free-ranging wildlife, including amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, and fish, unlikely to be seen by private practice veterinarians. Featuring full-color images, the consistent, user-friendly format supplies information on each animala€™s biology, unique anatomy, special physiology, reproduction, restraint and handling, housing requirements, nutrition and feeding, surgery and anesthesia, diagnostics, therapeutics, and diseases. Global authorship includes multinational contributors who offer expert information on different species from around the world. qThis is a welcome update to an invaluable reference series; a must-have for any veterinary professional working largely in the zoo or wildlife field, and also recommended as a reference text for the library of any practice seeing unusual species on a regular basis, even if they already have an earlier volume. Charlotte Day, Veterinary Record, Date October 11, 2014 qThis provides an excellent single resource and a great starting point for gaining more in-depth knowledge on a subject, with comprehensive reference lists given by each author to direct readers with particular interests.q Reviewed by: The Veterinary Record, Date: Oct 14 Global authorship includes internationally recognized authors who have contributed new chapters focusing on the latest research and clinical management of captive and free-ranging wild animals from around the world. Zoological Information Management System chapter offers the latest update on this brand new system that contains a worldwide wealth of information. General taxonomy-based format provides a comprehensive text for sharing information in zoo and wildlife medicine. Concise tables provide quick reference to key points in the references. NEW! All new authors have completely revised the content to provide fresh perspectives from leading experts in the field on the latest advances in zoo and wild animal medicine. NEW! Color images vividly depict external clinical signs for more accurate recognition and diagnosis.It will scream for food at the human and present itself as a mate to the handler. To avoid this ... Aguilar RF, Yoshicedo JN, Parish CN: Ingluviotomy tube placement for lead-induced crop stasis in the California condor (Gymnogyps californianus).

Title:Fowler's Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine
Author:R. Eric Miller, Murray E. Fowler
Publisher:Elsevier Health Sciences - 2014-07-31


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