Fragile Dominion

Fragile Dominion

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We all know that our planet is losing its biological diversity at an alarming rate, with frightening implications for our future. But when does an ecosystem hit the breaking point? In this important book, Princeton biologist Simon Levin offers general readers the first look at how the new science of complexity can help to solve our looming ecological crisis. Levin argues that our biosphere is the classic embodiment of what scientists call complex adaptive systems. By exploring how such systems work, we can determine how they might fail: How much loss can an ecosystem bear before it starts to collapse? How resilient are these systems? Do they in fact hover at the edge of chaos? A deeply original work on one of the most pressing issues of our time, Fragile Dominion is a powerful appeal to understand and protect the global a€œcommons.a€What are the crucial structural components in ecosystems, and how much functional redundancy exists within them? ... How many rivet species could be spared? ... The same may be said of a functional group, but the players are different.

Title:Fragile Dominion
Author:Simon Levin
Publisher:Basic Books - 2007-12-13


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