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FRAGS takes place on January 11, 1991, on the eve of The Gulf War, in a Columbia University faculty office and includes flashbacks of the professora€™s service in the Vietnam war in the late 1960s. Professor Frank Dotson has built a brilliant career in biology by secretly using the work of a fellow soldier, Harry Emerson, who was killed in early 1968. As the novel opens, Dotson is about to open a letter from another Harry Emerson, and this event triggers an eruption of flashbacks as he tries to figure out if all his work for the past twenty years is about to collapse in a scandal. When the letter writer arrives, he is indeed the son of Professor Dotson's Vietnam mentor, and now Dotson has to decide whether to 'fess up or tough it out, continuing to deny the influence of Harry Emerson.What happens if you find out youa#39;re just dealing with a facade and not the real thing?aquot; aquot;Whata#39;re you getting at? ... They have their eyes operatedonsothey canbe a#39;round-eyes, a#39; and they get implants to make their breasts bigger. Therea#39;s nothing ... aquot;Keep this in mind, Dotson: Ia#39;m not the one looking for it.I believe in the money, anbsp;...

Author:Tim Trask
Publisher:One Tiny Pizza Publishing - 2014-07-17


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