Framing Fat

Framing Fat

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According to public health officials, obesity poses significant health risks and has become a modern-day epidemic. A closer look at this so-called epidemic, however, suggests that there are multiple perspectives on the fat body, not all of which view obesity as a health hazard. Alongside public health officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are advertisers of the fashion-beauty complex, food industry advocates at the Center for Consumer Freedom, and activists at the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. Framing Fat takes a birda€™s-eye view of how these multiple actors construct the fat body by identifying the messages these groups put forth, particularly where issues of beauty, health, choice and responsibility, and social justice are concerned. Samantha Kwan and Jennifer Graves examine how laypersons respond to these conflicting messages and illustrate the gendered, raced, and classed implications within them. In doing so, they shed light on how dominant ideas about body fat have led to the moral indictment of body nonconformists, essentially a€œframinga€ them for their fat bodies.However, because the fat body also signifies much about health risk (as we discuss in chapter 3), African Americans who embrace a larger ... Yet perhaps the best evidence of the modern belief that individuals can and want to change their body size comes from the numbers. Annually, Americans spend $19 billion on gym memberships (Cloud 2009) and nearly $60 billion on weight-loss products andanbsp;...

Title:Framing Fat
Author:Samantha Kwan, Jennifer Graves
Publisher:Rutgers University Press - 2013-05-03


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