Frankenstein: City of Night

Frankenstein: City of Night

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From the celebrated imagination of Dean Koontz comes a powerful reworking of one of the classic stories of all time. If you think you know the legend, you know only half the truth. Here is the mystery, the myth, the terror, and the magic ofa€b Dean Koontz's City of the Night They are stronger, heal better, and think faster than any humans ever createda€”and they must be destroyed. But not even Victor Heliosa€”once Frankensteina€”can stop the engineered killers hea€™s set loose on a reign of terror through modern-day New Orleans. Now the only hope rests in a one-time a€œmonstera€ and his all-too-human partners, Detectives Carson Oa€™Connor and Michael Maddison. Deucaliona€™ s centuries-old history began as Victora€™s first and failed attempt to build the perfect humana€“and it is fated to end in the ultimate confrontation between a damned creature and his mad creator. But first Deucalion must destroy a monstrosity not even Victora€™ s malignant mind could have imagineda€”an indestructible entity that steps out of humankinda€™ s collective nightmare with one purpose: to replace us. BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Dean Koontz's The City.When Victora#39;s latest creations, an army of engineered killers set loose in modern-day New Orleans, begin to exceed his expectations and exhibit logistical and analytical skills, he plans to eliminate the entire race, a plan that backfires ...

Title:Frankenstein: City of Night
Author:Dean Koontz, Ed Gorman
Publisher:Bantam - 2007-06-29


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