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Seventies survivor Frances Lynn ruthlessly chronicles the psychotic highs and lows of Alice, a young English girl who escapes London at the tail end of the Sixties for a sojourn in San Francisco. She quickly discovers that the psychedelic world of tie-dye and joss sticks belongs to the previous decade when she becomes involved with a glitter daubed, sprawling theatre group, leftovers from the insular Haight-Ashbury crowd. Alice gets sucked in beyond her head, but just when the crazy theatre group's popularity overdoses, she goes over the top and is shipped back to London. By now, the early Seventies are in full decay, as is Alice. She continues her downward slide by falling in obsession with a fragmented member of the Art World. Their exhausting fling, fuelled by a cocktail of opiates is interrupted by repetitive bouts of insanity, like a San Francisco acid flashback. No holds are barred in this frantic saga of drug-fractured psyches - and it's hard to guess who will stagger on into the eighties. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From the Back Cover Alice was born in a London Hospital during the Year of the Tiger and almost expired from a heavy chest cold but pulled through to face another lifetime thanks to the hospital's Intensive Care unit. After that start, the road went steadily downwards. Author Frances Lynn, herself a survivor of the steaming Seventies, bars no holds and pulls no punches when telling the story of a wayward girl staggering into the drug-infested circles in San Francisco and London on her way to doom and destruction About the Author Frances Lynn was born in London and grew up in Notting Hill Gate. Her first job was at the BBC, but left after a year in order to travel to San Francisco. When she returned to London, she became Britain's bitchiest columnist on the defunct Ritz magazine, simultaneously doing freelance work for Fleet Street papers and the London glossies. Frances Lynn now lives in central London, enjoying life as a professional writer and author.The Writer, misty monocles clenched in both eyes, was relentlessly flicking globs of Turkish ash from his Cruella de Vil cigarette holder over his braying entourage of drooling sycophants. Alice was surprised to see that Deck had miraculouslyanbsp;...

Author:Frances Lynn
Publisher:Eiworth Publishing - 2006-10-01


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