From 3 to 26.2

From 3 to 26.2

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When author Stephanie Turner began running, she didn't believe she would ever run a marathon. But she proved herself wrong. From 3 to 26.2 narrates how she accomplished this goal. Turner's week-by-week summary shows how she progressed from running just three miles to 26.2 miles in six months by following the Jeff Galloway run/walk program. A thirty six year-old mother of two, she highlights the important fitness lessons learned each week while capturing the novice experience, and she provides guidance to those currently running short distances to gradually increase their running distance. From 3 to 26.2 also addresses the benefits of running in a group, running gear/attire, running supplements, adequate fluid replacement, common running injuries, and eating for exercise more than three hours in duration. From 3 to 26.2 serves as a reference and inspiration for beginning runners to take their training to the next level. It also communicates the satisfaction of obtaining a lifelong goal.a€œIf you will be exercising for more than three hours, you really should know your sweat rate to prevent the performance decline associated with ... The sweat rate is calculated by weighing yourself nude both before and after a one hour workout .

Title:From 3 to 26.2
Author:Stephanie Turner
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2010-02


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