From a Race of Masters to a Master Race

From a Race of Masters to a Master Race

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There is a gaping hole in the history of the Holocaust. Between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Mengele there was a hierarchy of scientists whom were responsible for writing the infamous racial legislation of the Third Reich. These scientists, doctors, and legislators enjoyed prestigious positions in the various institutions within Hitler's Germany. To be more precise, many of the ghastly experiments credited to Mengele were ordered by this group of high-ranking scientists and doctors. Mengele was following their orders, yet many of these German doctors and scientists were set free after being captured by the Allies. Previously unpublished manuscripts, correspondence, and conveniently forgotten publications reveal professional and political relationships as well as shared scientific convictions between high-profile American Progressives, British Fabian Socialists, and their German counterparts. The mounting evidence points to the long-standing designs and machinations of qscientific racismq, a still poorly understood aspect of history. This book documents the hundred year trajectory of the history of qscientific racismq from its initial intentions to create qa race of mastersq to the Holocaust, which resulted from Hitler's conviction to create a qmaster raceq. These scientific prejudices and political dogmas are as relevant today as they were leading up to WWII. A thorough understanding of the origins of this movement is in order.None of it had to do with a disagreement on how to organize a society or a government. ... This is, after all, what Hitler told Hermann Rauschning: There is no reason why I shouldna#39;t make a pact with Russia if that will improve my position . ... This is, after all, what Hitler truly meant when he deemed his Germanic people the a€œmaster racea€ a€” that they were at the top of the hierarchy and not to be lost amonganbsp;...

Title:From a Race of Masters to a Master Race
Author:A. E. Samaan
Publisher:A.E. Samaan - 2013-02-08


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