From Chocolate to Morphine

From Chocolate to Morphine

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From Chocolate to Morphine is the definitive guide to drugs and drug use from one of Americaa€™s most respected and best-known doctors. This enormously popular book a€” the best and most authoritative resource for unbiased information about how drugs affect the mind and the body a€” covers a wide range of available substances, from coffee to marijuana, antihistamines to psychedelics, steroids to smart drugs, and discusses likely effects, precautions, and alternatives. Now expanded and updated to cover such drugs as oxycontin, Ecstasy, Prozac, and ephedra and to address numerous ongoing issues, including the United Statesa€™ war on drugs, marijuana for therapeutic use, the overuse of drugs for children diagnosed with ADHD, and more, From Chocolate to Morphine is an invaluable resource.When smoked, Salvia divinorum produces effects that come on quickly, peak for five to twenty minutes, then subside. Oral preparations take effect more slowly and last longer, up to three hours. Experiences vary from subtle alterations of consciousness to full-blown psychedelic trips. At moderate to high ... The substances appear to be safe, but we have no data on long-term or repeated use. ... Psychedelics do not necessarily produce any particular mood or state of mind. They act asanbsp;...

Title:From Chocolate to Morphine
Author:Winifred Rosen, Andrew T. Weil
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2004-12-09


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