From Darkness to Light

From Darkness to Light

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David L. Dyer, brother to world-renowned motivational speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer, has his own inspirational story to share. It took David sixty-eight years and the life-altering diagnosis of Parkinsona€™s disease to truly grasp the signifi cance of his brothera€™s famous mantra, a€œDo not die with your music still in you.a€ Once he did, however, he was able to use his gift of languagea€”a long-suppressed talenta€”to confront the demons that have haunted him for decades. In his memoir, From Darkness to Light, David recalls stories of his life, from his earliest memories to his most recent years. He recounts childhood memories of playing with Wayne, two years his junior; going into foster care after his father abandoned his family; facing bullies and teasing; and struggling to learn to swim. As he grew older and drifted away from his close friendship with Wayne, David turned to partying and alcohola€”and the latter would stay with him for years. He later joined the army and found himself serving in Vietnam, where he witnessed horrific events that would aff ect him for decades to come. From Darkness to Light takes a cathartic journey through the events of one mana€™s life, following him up to the present. It celebrates the bond of brotherhood, and it embraces David as a boy, as a veteran, and as the man he is today.One of the most difficult decisions physicians had to make was to determine the priority of which patients should go into the operating room (OR) first. Because of the ... Many of the MFWs were in or near the abdominal area, a result of one of the favorite Viet Cong weapons used known as a Bouncing Betty. I have no idea where that name originated, but it refers to a land mine that shoots up an explosiveanbsp;...

Title:From Darkness to Light
Author:David L. Dyer
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2012-04-28


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