From Demo Tape to Record Deal

From Demo Tape to Record Deal

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The process of getting a record deal can be long and frustrating. Five years is the average amount of time between the moment a band or musician decides they are ready for one until they actually get a contract. And it can take longer; bands who seem to be A’overnight sensationsA“ have often been playing together and making demos for seven to ten years. Having a good understanding of where youA•re going and exactly what you are pursuing may make some of the inevitable setbacks less discouraging. With perseverance and the knowledge you will gain from playing the game long enough, you can greatly improve the odds of getting signed.In Part II we talked about recording demos and making them only as good as they need to be to show off the song and the ... Your local DJ has contact with major label people all the time a€” they send her free records, trying to get airplay.

Title:From Demo Tape to Record Deal
Author:Daniel Levitan
Publisher:Alfred Music -


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