From Mormon to Mystic

From Mormon to Mystic

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From Mormon to Mystic is one womana€™s journey from religious indoctrination toward a mystical understanding of reality. Set in the context of James Fowlera€™s Stages of Faith, her journey vividly details specific practices that enabled her to navigate through many life challenges, including several a€œdark nights of the soul.a€ Because she was believed to be a witch by several members of the Mormon community where she taught English and debate, Erin Jensen writes using her own Mormon heritage and passages from literature to describe the 2005 federal court a€œwitcha€ trial, the events leading up to it, and its aftermath. Through her experience, learn how to overcome rigid mindsets often implanted by religious institutions, and move toward wholeness by+ a€c Understanding the basics of faith development a€c Learning how to recognize and process shadow qualities a€c Practicing non-attachment a€c Taking full responsibility for your life a€c Trusting your own ability to choose a€c Appreciating the importance of complete forgiveness a€c Developing a connection to your inner source of wisdom a€c Embracing a new state of consciousness where hope, love, and peace dwell74Debbie Ford, The Shadow Effect, (Hay House Inc. and Debbie Ford Films Inc. 2009), DVD. 75 WithOne Voice, Writ. Matthew Flickstein, Carol Flickstein, JudithAnne Nielsen and Nathan Antila, Prod. Matthew Flickstein and Carol Flickstein, anbsp;...

Title:From Mormon to Mystic
Author:Erin Jensen
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2014-11-26


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