From Patent to Profit

From Patent to Profit

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Having a novel idea and turning that idea into cash is not as simple as it sounds. To help innovative individuals learn to navigate around the many pitfalls of inventing, Bob DeMatteis has written From Patent to Profit, an up-to-date guide to all of the important steps involved in taking a product from the drawing board to market. Whether you are a professional inventor, a part-time dabbler, or just a clever daydreamer, From Patent to Profit can help make your dreams a reality.1f you really want to string it out for a very long time, include a software application. ... With a startup company, or for those who plan to license their products, utility patent protection will most likely be essential ... design patent may outlast the product line. ln the case of Nike, the producta#39;s design will probably not last 14 years.

Title:From Patent to Profit
Author:Bob DeMatteis
Publisher:Square One Publishers, Inc. - 2005


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