From Prison to Potential

From Prison to Potential

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A story of a man born at home in the middle of the night, who became the tough kid, full-fledged criminal, convict, business owner and family man. You see his developmental years where he learned, from a father who drove a beer-truck during prohibition, that violence is an acceptable part of daily life. You are a part of his transition from a man who is respected by criminals in prison to a person respected by people in society and the struggles God helped him survive. The author attempts to expose the influence God and powerful people have had on him from Msko Nini to a WWII veteran. The author tries to give you a glimpse of a world that many people do not even know exists. He tries to let you see how, through small increments, he was able to become a person who could live outside the law without his conscience keeping him awake at night. Through all of this he wants you to know that he alone shoulders the responsibility for the decisions he made and what effect those decisions had on his life. The author was born Lewis Martin Dickerson on May 17, 1945. He went from being a violent youth to being a criminal. Convictions for Armed Robbery, Kidnapping, Assault with Intent to commit 2nd degree Murder and Feloniously Escaping Jail kept him in prison for over 9 years. His transformation began in that prison and continues to this day. He was introduced to God in an unusual way. After his release he continued to work toward becoming a person who could live in and contribute to society. He completed Bachelors in Social Work Degree in 1984 at Freed-Hardeman College. Has worked as a Child Protective Service worker and owned and operated a construction company that employed 24 people at one time.mud until it was resting on its oil pan and there was not enough weight on its track to make it move in any direction. ... do you do with three pieces of equipment stuck, one of which is full of concrete with another concrete truck on the way with more ... In fact there was so much mud it was hard to tell who was who after awhile.

Title:From Prison to Potential
Author:Lewis Dickerson
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2011-01


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