From Tears to Lip Gloss

From Tears to Lip Gloss

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'From Tears To Lip Gloss' is a vivid expression of the ebb and flow of a woman's emotions experienced whilst caught up in a roller-coaster of life's ups and downs, particularly as it relates to relationships. In the often dizzying swirls of events, she can be found crying without thought of her outward appearance. Her tears tell their own tale of the internal raging turmoil, thus causing outward presentations to prove irrelevant; no matter how ravaged she may seem to the casual onlooker. But once she touches down back into the plains of sanity and normalcy, the shedding of those tears will stop. Her inner resilience will have preserved her through the worst. She is then driven to finally decide to begin a new chapter by turning a fresh page in life. With the dawn of this rising hope, she is compelled to adorn her new found inner radiance and confidence with a revealing application of her brightest Lip Gloss - She is ready to step back into the world of the here and now.The daddy look is cute but hitting on me, with his child right next to him is a true indication of his needing to change his supplier, or even maybe just saying no to those damn drugs that make him think that he is actually that hot. Cute is definitelyanbsp;...

Title:From Tears to Lip Gloss
Author:Karla C. Gonzales
Publisher:Plain Vision Publishing - 2009


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