From the Inside

From the Inside

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In February of 1998, Robert L. Berger, an entrepreneur and businessman, began serving a three year Federal prison sentence. This is a true story of his journey thru seven different prisons, solitary confinement, and the many fascinating inmates he encountered along the way. It is not only his story, but includes the tales of other white collar inmates as well as Organized Crime and career criminals as well. Roberts takes us to Allenwood Federal Prison Camp, Fort Dix, Otisville, MDC Brooklyn, White Deer, Lewisburg Penitentiary and Loretto. In this book the reader will enjoy an accurate depiction of what it is like to be locked up and separated from one's family, and all of the humiliation and difficult hardships this type of experience generates. It is the story of a self made man who founded an Aerospace empire, and lost, thru Federal investigations, and market conditions, his entire fortune, and then went to prison. It is the story of survival as well, both physical and mental, and how Robert dealt with the pressures of life not only within prison, but with his family on the outside as well. It is both a stirring and yet inspirational tale of one mans struggle against tremendous odds and a life that was turned upside down.Travisa#39;s Explorer has come off lease so ita#39;s time to buy it for her. She went to the Ford ... She then submitted it to Ford credit and it was approved two days later, she was ecstatic. Wea#39;re going to ... The car needed a complete set of brakes and other work and wea#39;re having it repaired at a local Mobile dealer that we are famil- anbsp;...

Title:From the Inside
Author:Robert L Berger
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-08-01


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