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In Frugavore, Arabella Forge shows that it needn't be so difficult. She provides a hands-on, practical guide to a new way of living, proving that frugal eating can also be flavor some and fun. Learn how to access quality produce straight from the source, rediscover forgotten cooking techniques, and create your own kitchen garden complete with compost heap and chicken coop. Packed with recipes, resources, tips and tricks, Frugavore is a refreshing guide to living and eating well. Before you know it you'll be enjoying delicious, sustainable meals - and feeling healthier, happier and even a little richer for it.The longer it is cured, the tougher and saltier it will become and the longer it will last in your fridge or pantry. When you have ... If you have salted it for a long period of time, you may have to soak it in fresh water before using it to soften it up . ... This is a staple dish in northern France, where it is known as petit salAc aux lentils.

Author:Arabella Forge - 2010-10-19


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