Full Dark, No Stars

Full Dark, No Stars

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The acclaimed #1 New York Times and undisputed King of Horror Stephen King delivers five unforgettable short works, two of which will soon be adapted for film, and which Booklist called a€œraw looks at the limits of greed, revenge, and self-deception.a€ Like Different Seasons and Four Past Midnight, which generated such enduring hit films as The Shawshank Redemption and Stand by Me, Full Dark, No Stars proves Stephen King a master of the long story form. a€œI believe there is another man inside every man, a strangera€ba€ writes Wilfred Leland James in the early pages of the riveting confession that makes up a€œ1922, a€ the first in this pitch-black quartet of mesmerizing tales from Stephen King. For James, that stranger is awakened when his wife Arlette proposes selling off the family homestead and moving to Omaha, setting in motion a gruesome train of murder and madness. In a€œBig Driver, a€ soon to be a major Lifetime movie starring Maria Bello, a cozy-mystery writer named Tess encounters the stranger is along a back road in Massachusetts when she takes a shortcut home after a book club engagement. Violated and left for dead, Tess plots a revenge that will bring her face to face with another stranger: the one inside herself. a€œFair Extension, a€ the shortest of these tales, is perhaps the nastiest and certainly the funniest. Making a deal with the devil not only saves Harry Streeter from a fatal cancer but provides rich recompense for a lifetime of resentment. In the last of the tales, soon to be a major motion picture, Darcy Andersona€™s husband of more than twenty years is away on one of his business trips and his unsuspecting wife looks for batteries in the garage. Her toe knocks up against a box under a worktable and she discovers the stranger inside her husband. Ita€™s a horrifying discovery, rendered with bristling intensity, and it definitively ends a€œA Good Marriage.a€And i dona#39;t want to take your whole morning, so leta#39;s speed this up. i was able to confirm a Toyota 4runner at or near the ... not long before Andrea honeycutt was murdered down nashua way. blue and gray suburban; year of manufacture 2002.

Title:Full Dark, No Stars
Author:Stephen King
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2010-11-09


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