Fumbling Toward Divinity

Fumbling Toward Divinity

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At thirty-three, Craig, a black writer and artist, heeds the signs in his life and journeys into uncharted waters. After five years of searching, he shows up unannounced on his birth mother?s doorstep. Craig?s parents and sister are supportive of his search, as is Job, the Dutchman Craig has shared the last four years of his life with. Jennifer, a devout Seventh-Day Adventist, happy that her son has found her, attempts to allay her guilt and shame for giving him up and tries to make up for lost time. Jennifer meets Craig?s parents in an intense five-day visit that takes a physical and emotional toll on Craig and his mother Mary. Jennifer tries to undermine Mary, a devout Lutheran, suggesting that it is Mary?s fault that Craig loves men because she wasn't controlling enough and didn?t pray for him. Ultimately, however, Jennifer believes her son loves men because she abandoned him at birth.In an opportunistic turn of events, Craig plans a big family feast down in Georgia where England, the matriarch who forced her daughter to give him up at birth, lives in the apartment at the back of her son Joshua?s twenty-two room ?castle in the sky.? Crane?s adoptive family, including Job, meets Jenni-fer?s entire family and all sorts of sparks fly in the castle on Ella Lane. Crane struggles with whether or not he wants Jennifer to remain a part of his life and what kind of relationship, if any, he can have with his three biological sisters, all of whom growing up desperately wanted a brother.Meanwhile, Job?s oldest sister and his best friend have conspired in a trans-Atlantic soap opera to try and break up his marriage to Craig. After Craig writes a missive to his in-laws in Holland in order to provide and receive clarity, all hell breaks loose. Job feels torn between his family and his young marriage. Each one must dig deep within to uphold their promise of till death do us part.Part mystery, part history, part family saga, part divination?all of it true?Fumbling Toward Divinity bears witness to the transcendent power of spirit and love in an age of terror and madness. From the opening pages to the poignant conclusion, Craig Hickman re-invents the memoir and proves himself a master storyteller.a€œIhave to get this gumbo Ia#39;m making for Dennis just right.a€ Dennis ... a€œWell, girl, a€ Craig says, turning on his preachera#39;s voice, a€œyou gotsta get the roux right. ... Now, you got some folk so scared of burning the roux, they dona#39;t cook it long enough.

Title:Fumbling Toward Divinity
Author:Craig Hickman
Publisher:Annabessacook Farm - 2005-01-01


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