Fun with Grammar

Fun with Grammar

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This groundbreaking workbook speaks directly to the student. The book itself is a teacher. Many of the exercises and learning tools were designed and copyrighted by Prof. Brandler as shortcuts to understanding difficult concepts. This Grammar/Composition/Research workbook is especially designed for students, educators, and business people to use independently. It was created at the request of my students. Anyone can teach with this book. The exercises have been improved over many years in classrooms and refined for optimum comprehension and retention. It teaches shortcuts to common language issues. You will be surprised how easy it is! What people are saying a€œProfessor Brandler, thank you so much for the fun way you helped me understand my language problems. You are the best teacher I ever had.a€ a€“Carlos, contractor a€œMarcielle, I cana€™t wait to buy your book!a€ a€“Lori, Human Resources Specialist and student at Pasadena City College Many people have praised Marciellea€™s teaching on You Tube.Letters of Reference Have the courage to ask your boss, department chair, or client for a letter of reference. All he or she can do is refuse. ... or note to the person, a€œThank you for agreeing to write this letter. Here is a reminder of some of theanbsp;...

Title:Fun with Grammar
Author:Marcielle Brandler
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-03-02


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