Fundamentals of Atmospheric Modeling

Fundamentals of Atmospheric Modeling

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This well-received and comprehensive textbook on atmospheric processes and numerical methods has been thoroughly revised. This edition includes a wide range of new numerical techniques for solving problems in areas such as cloud microphysics, ocean-atmosphere exchange processes and atmospheric radiative properties. It also contains improved descriptions of atmospheric physics, dynamics, radiation, and aerosol and cloud processes. It is essential reading for researchers, scientists and advanced students to successfully study air pollution and meteorology.Because many chemical pathways are initiated by sunlight, atmospheric reactions are collectively called photochemical reactions. ... It converts nitrogen oxide and reactive organic gases, emitted during fuel combustion, to ozone, peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN), and other ... Hydrogen (H), the first element of the periodic table, has one electron in its valence shell, as shown by its Lewis symbol in Table 10.1.

Title:Fundamentals of Atmospheric Modeling
Author:Mark Z. Jacobson
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2005-05-05


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