Further Family Lessons

Further Family Lessons

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Ita€™s three years later, and the grandkids are growing... but so are the life challenges they face! Some of them are dealing with the additional issues created by attending junior high and high school. Theya€™re playing football and basketball; participating in cheerleading competitions; building castles and dioramas for school projects; attending birthday parties and swim parties; making and revising their Christmas Lists; and generally keeping their parents and grandparents busy, with all of their activities and interests. There are more and more things they need to learn how to do, such as multiplication and division; how to ride a skateboard, or a bike; how to bake cookies; how to swim without touching the bottom of the pool; how to play the guitar; how to compute the tip to leave at a restaurant; how to download games and apps to a new mobile device; and much more. The questions they pose for Papa and Nana are getting more complex, too. Beginning with simpler questions like a€œDo whales eat people?a€; a€œCan vampires come in the house if theya€™re not invited?a€; and a€œIs that a boy fish, or a girl fish?a€ they progress to more complex inquiries, such as, a€œCan animals talk?a€; a€œDo other planets have days, like we do?a€; a€œDo you believe in global warming?a€; a€œWhata€™s it like to be an adult?a€; a€œWhat do you think about the Big Bang?a€; and a€œDo you believe in God?a€ Whether theya€™re going to the Zoo; hosting a video game party; deciding which music video to watch first; visiting Papa at work; trying to cross a muddy path in the Nature Walk; reading a popular series of books; posting pictures on social media websites; dancing a Zumba workout; or making a Fathera€™s Day card, the activities and mishaps recounted in this book may help you to better appreciate the joy, wonder, and beauty of young peoplea€”and reinforce your belief in the ultimate and indispensable value of FAMILY.The doorbellrang, so I went to open it;it wasUncle Mitchell. ... Joshua had finished hisPS3 game, so heswitched overto the Wii U room; Joshua and Donovan had already laidoutall ofthe Wii Ugames ... several sportrelated presents, three video games from us, as well asmore than $100 in gift cards forthe Video Game store).

Title:Further Family Lessons
Author:Steven H. Propp
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-12-31


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