Future Failure 1

Future Failure 1

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The human race is about to take part in the ultimate reality show. The following show will feature the bloody and graphic genocide of the human race. You are about to watch a€˜The Gore Loungea€™. This will surely be a hit with all viewers; we have jeopardy, sex, serial killers, mutants, aliens, and lots of zombies. So why not sit back and relax and watch the bloody demise of humanity? Welcome to the future. Welcome to Paradise THE GORE LOUNGE is Network 78758/22 biggest hit. Watch the Gore Lounge on your psyvis equipment and join the reality sensation. Network 78758/22 is a government backed TV network and is therefore absolved from lawsuits, federal investigation and the penal code. All citizens who die in the making of the Gore Lounge have signed a Level 93/00/1* final testament form and therefore their deaths count as suicide. All humans harmed in the making of this program were denied legal status.Today we havea deadbeat dad, Taylor, who has childrenwith seven different women, no job and isna#39;tblack. Wealsomeet a cheating husband whoa#39;s going to leave hisbi polar wifethis morningon the show.Now hiswife isin a soundproof room, and wrongly ... Once the network was ableto shake freeof the independent watchdog that monitored it, this kindof thingwasnatural. Dumbing downtothe point when theanbsp;...

Title:Future Failure 1
Author:Grant Foxon
Publisher:Permuted Press - 2014-09-16


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