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Fortieth-Century Space Probe! The diabolically clever Bureau had superbly trained their space pilot, beautiful Lena Thomas. Nothing could go wrong in an age where science had conquered the universe. In one of their fifteen faster-than-light ships, Lena would reach beyond the over-populated Milky Way, carrying her grotesque cargo: seven programmed prosthetic engineers to give advice and comfort, and 515 dead men sealed in gelatinous fix. Exposed to the unskilled ultraviolet of space, they would gradually become the living again! But the omniscient Bureau was not aware of the black galaxy in Lena's charted path. And Lena's ship fell into it, fell through twenty-five billion miles of hyperspace, into the lifeless, timeless expanse of the dreadful pit . . . The cyborg engineers couldn't help Lena now. She was totally alone except for the awakening dead! If she geared the ship up to tachyonic drive, would she break out of the terrifying black hole? Or would she destroy the universe?Neutron stars, several hundred times the size of a€œaveragea€ stars such as Sol or Sirius, must, because of their gigantic dimension, create and ... our near planets fight for life by spinning faster than those distant; if they did not do so, they would fall into the Sun and be consumed. ... to maintain atomic reaction, and then with an implosion of cosmic force, all power gone, the neutron star collapses upon itself.

Author:Barry N. Malzberg
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-09-29


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