Game Changer

Game Changer

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The Premier League is immensely successful, a true worldwide success of the kind not enjoyed by any other English product. Such is the dominance of the Premier League that people have changed their sleeping habits on match days around the world. This fascinating book charts the rise of the Premier League. Few of its founders saw it as a worldwide phenomenon, but the power of TV media, the wider changes in Europe and influx of rich mena€™s money (led by Roman Abramovich) propelled the Premier League into a class of its own. Yet, the Premier Leaguea€™s rise was a spectacular cocktail of events, few of which were properly anticipated let alone planned for. Without any safeguards as to how clubs are governed, or how English football is protected from predators, we are now witnessing a financial crisis of such dimensions that the game may be forced to change in order to survive. Mihir Bose, the UKa€™s leading sports/business journalist, takes us on a mesmerizing journey involving high stakes, multi-billion pound deals, powerful and rich people, and the future of the beautiful gameThe doctors pointed out that the extra matches were creating too much work for the players and would be bad for their health. ... The big television markets were rewarded with places in the Champions League, four teams each from England, Germany, ... Once the Cup-Winnersa#39; Cup was disbanded for the 1999a€“2000 season, the UEFA Cup switched to Thursdays and the ... Aigner admits that the new arrangements mean that a€œonly clubs who have the money can win European Cupsa€.

Title:Game Changer
Author:Mihir Bose
Publisher:Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd - 2012-11-10


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