Game Design: Theory and Practice, Second Edition

Game Design: Theory and Practice, Second Edition

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a€œBoth burgeoning game designers and devoted gamers should consider [Game Design: Theory a Practice] an essential read.a€ a€” Computer Gaming World a€œUltimately, in both theory and practice, Rousea€™s Game Design bible gets the job done. Let us pray.a€ - Next Generation magazine In the second edition to the acclaimed Game Design: Theory a Practice, designer Richard Rouse III balances a discussion of the essential concepts behind game design with an explanation of how you can implement them in your current project. Detailed analysis of successful games is interwoven with concrete examples from Rousea€™s own experience. This second edition thoroughly updates the popular original with new chapters and fully revised text.Ita#39;s just one of the most expensive types of games to make, and the top n adventure games sell less than the top n games in almost any other category. ... isna#39;t dead, but has simply evolved into action/adventure games, e.g., Tomb Raider, and platform games, e.g., Mario, Crash. ... but I dona#39;t know whether that will be a voice recognition interface, Turing-proof NPCs, 3D-surround-VR environments, or what.

Title:Game Design: Theory and Practice, Second Edition
Author:Richard Rouse III
Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Learning - 2010-03-18


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