Game Magic

Game Magic

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Make More Immersive and Engaging Magic Systems in Games Game Magic: A Designera€™s Guide to Magic Systems in Theory and Practice explains how to construct magic systems and presents a compendium of arcane lore, encompassing the theory, history, and structure of magic systems in games and human belief. The author combines rigorous scholarly analysis with practical game design advice in the form of a magical recipe book (grimoire). The book gives you an in-depth understanding of the history and structure of magic to make your games richer and deeper. It shows how to set up tables of correspondences and spell components as well as how to write programming code integrating these components as part of game mechanics. It also illustrates how to divide a simulated world into domains of influence (such as alteration, conjuration, and necromancy) and how to use specific rule systems to simulate powers within these realms. Showing you how to weave compelling magic into your games, the book is interspersed with examples that illustrate how to design and program magic systems. Working examples are available for download on a supporting website.A Designera#39;s Guide to Magic Systems in Theory and Practice Jeff Howard ... In Dungeons aamp; Dragons, players take the role of questing adventurers, such as brave warriors and powerful mages. World of Warcraft was one of the most popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG, or MMO for short), first released in 2004. Magic is part of the very nature of why people play games: to simulate abilities that they do not possess in real life; to escape from the prison ofanbsp;...

Title:Game Magic
Author:Jeff Howard
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-04-22


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