Game Theory and Economic Behaviour

Game Theory and Economic Behaviour

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'These two volumes constitute an impressive collection of selected path-breaking works of Professor Selten. . . . Edward Elgar Publications deserve merit for bringing out most frequently-cited and prominent articles of Professor Selten in a conveniently available package.' - K. Ravikumar, Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research In 1994, the Nobel Prize was awarded to Reinhard Selten, John Nash and John Harsanyi, for pioneering analysis in game theory. Selten was the first to refine the Nash equilibrium concept of non-cooperative games for analysing dynamic strategic interaction and to apply these concepts to analyses of oligopoly.G, H C, + C, Because in a gross profit equilibrium each output is the best answer to the competitorsa#39; joint output, we can find from the diagrams of the best answers the following inequalities for the equilibrium outputs x , x , x . 3 alt; x , alt; 7 4alt; x, alt; 8 4 alt; x-c 9 This ... 6) 33 3a#39; 3aquot; IOI 18 (5. 6. 7) 18 24 27 6tj 1 1 1.4 9 VM.M l 1 L ilit ti.

Title:Game Theory and Economic Behaviour
Author:Reinhard Selten (Economist, Germany)
Publisher:Edward Elgar Publishing -


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