Games, Norms and Reasons

Games, Norms and Reasons

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Games, Norms, and Reasons: Logic at the Crossroads provides an overview of modern logic focusing on its relationships with other disciplines, including new interfaces with rational choice theory, epistemology, game theory and informatics. This book continues a series called qLogic at the Crossroadsq whose title reflects a view that the deep insights from the classical phase of mathematical logic can form a harmonious mixture with a new, more ambitious research agenda of understanding and enhancing human reasoning and intelligent interaction. The editors have gathered together articles from active authors in this new area that explore dynamic logical aspects of norms, reasons, preferences and beliefs in human agency, human interaction and groups. The book pays a special tribute to Professor Rohit Parikh, a pioneer in this movement.The two-variable guarded fragment with transitive relations. Logic in Computer Science, 1999. Proceedings. 14th Symposium on, pages 24a€“34, 1999. 7. P. Girard. Modal Logic for Belief and Preference Change. PhD thesis, Stanford University, anbsp;...

Title:Games, Norms and Reasons
Author:Johan van Benthem, Amitabha Gupta, Eric Pacuit
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2011-03-30


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