Garbage Angel

Garbage Angel

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A trouble-prone teenage girl, Sarah McPhee is approached by an angel with instructions to clean up the environment. To gain the support of her friends, the angel provides a minor miracle to show that he is, indeed, real. She, her family and her friends are immediately thrust into a whirlwind journey that divides their small Texas city and brings attention and support to her valiant mission. The local church community persecutes her for her outspoken spiritual beliefs and boycotts her family business in an effort to silence her. The kids fight back, bringing threats on her life and an attempt on her father's life. CNN airs a segment of Sarah and her angel on its environmental program, and suddenly Sarah and her group gain worldwide interest and support. As a result of this publicity, Sarah and a local minister are gunned down at a demonstration at a local supermarket. The media attention results in Sarah being invited to speak at the World Environmental Symposium in New York City and lunch with the President of the United States.And ita#39;s all because youa#39;re suggesting I do something that turns out wrong every time. Now someone wants to send me to hell. I dona#39;t know why, but he does, and ita#39;s all because of you. I dona#39;t know if I want to do any of the stuff you sayanbsp;...

Title:Garbage Angel
Author:Clyde White
Publisher:Oma Publishing Company - 2005-01


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