Gardener's Guide to Tropical Plants

Gardener's Guide to Tropical Plants

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Now gardeners can bring an exotic flair to their gardens by introducing the color, textures, and fabulous foliage of tropical plants. Not just for hot climates anymore, bromeliads, orchids, bananas, palms, birds of paradise, elephant ears, canna, and more can bring a touch of the tropics to any garden. Gardenera€™s can choose from more than 150 plants featured in this book, each chosen for the visual impact it adds to any landscape or container garden. Plants are organized by a range of clearly defined zones, making it easy for gardeners to find the plants that will succeed in their landscape. Author Nellie Neal explains how to best use tropical plants both indoors and out. To make this book a universally useful guide, it is organized to explain how to grow tropical plants in a wide range of clearly defined zones. Further, the book illustrates how to best use these plants in landscapes and containers, indoors and out, no matter where you live. It is a practical, user-friendly celebration of tropical plants.When, Where, and How to Plant Snake plant thrives outdoors all year where it is hardy in shade, part shade, and even ... well with jade plants, dwarf schefflera, and blunt-leaf peperomias to create a diverse design in low light situations. ... The good news is that this plant needs little attention and thrives on benign neglect.

Title:Gardener's Guide to Tropical Plants
Author:Nellie Neal
Publisher:Cool Springs Press - 2012-08-15


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