Gas Masks & Palm Trees

Gas Masks & Palm Trees

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Gas Masks and Palm Trees: My Wartime Hawaii belongs on bookshelves next to books about the cause and effects of the December 7th attack. It paints a concise picture of changes that occurred on Oahu after the attack on Pearl Harbor. I continue the saga where others have left off. My personal chronological account of conditions and changes that took place have been recorded on paper for all to read. I was attending high school before December 7th, 1941. In July of 1942 I left school temporarily to work in a U S Navy office at Pearl Harbor. My position was unique and rewarding. I was responsible for correcting Secret, Restricted and Confidential publications that were distributed to U S and British Pacific ships and stations; I was exposed to two worlds in a wartime atmosphere. As a member of the USO Flying Squadron, I met and danced with servicemen from practically every state in the Union. One of the dances was held in a remote area for Carlson's Marine Raiders, where I met the famous Evans Carlson and Second in Command, Col. James Roosevelt, the President's son. Life was an adventure for a young girl growing up in wartime Hawaii. We were far outnumbered by young males. I don't believe that there is anyone else who has written a chronological account of events that happened in wartime Hawaii without additional stories from others. This is my story alone and how conditions and changes affected my life. Though Hawaii was never the same after the War, there were some things that remained the same. That was the difference between gas masks and palm trees. I try to picture the Hawaii that will survive forever.Work nornully nqulrlna#39; how was aquot;rumpusth while the air nid wn Illll 1|! warren ad the guns were pher h: operallon aquot;llmt the enemy. aquot;six men did the work in two haula#39;S.aquot; commth the officer. aquot;I! lulu!!! Would like II men 5 day bad a lull. lmleu! a!

Title:Gas Masks & Palm Trees
Author:Virginia E. Cowart
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2006-10-17


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