Gas Shale Potential in Ukraine

Gas Shale Potential in Ukraine

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Ukraine has a formidable gas shale potential within their country. Dnieper-Donets Basin is by far the geological province with the highest potential, however Carpathians and Northern Crimea should not be disregarded in this respect. Gas Shale in the US hasgained momentum over the last decade, and seem to be the catalyst for European interest in Gas Shales.Major international oil and gas companies have stated that Ukraine together with Poland would be the most attractive Gas Shale provinces in Europe.In this book we analyse the Ukraine potential, and give some insight to what this potential could be and what it takes to get it out of the ground.For one measure of the coming change, consider the prospects for liquefied natural gas, which has been converted to ... move natural gas very long distances , so it gives a good picture of how much countries are relying on foreign supplies ... But the political fallout from shale gas will do a lot more than stifle natural-gas cartels. ... In 2006 and 2007, disputes with Ukraine led Russia to cut off supplies, leaving customers in Kiev and Western Europe briefly without fuel in the dead of winteranbsp;...

Title:Gas Shale Potential in Ukraine
Author:Stig-Arne Kristoffersen - 2010-09-28


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