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A Word from the Author This back page is supposed to have something on it, which draws you in to buying this book. The truth is, most people won't buy this book for themselves. qGASP!q is usually purchased as a gift for others--people get and give it to the individuals, whom they love and deeply care about. So, I'm skipping the marketing-blurb and going to shoot-straight with you. You need to know that there is a devil, who doesn't want you reading this book. He's that little voice in your head, telling you to put this book down. He's in your mind, telling you that I'm out of mine. (Being that I was born in a mental institution, I very well may be out of my mind.) But, I'm bright enough to ask why he would want to keep you from reading this book? I'm also wise enough to know that it's because he understands the content of this book can be used to change the destiny of your soul forever. What will you do? --Discard this book, and face the fall-out that comes from listening to satan; or read it, and experience the most astounding transformation you have ever imagined? Bio Tony Nolan is a husband, dad, friend, and minister. He is passionate about sharing the story of God. When asked about his greatest achievements, he is quick to say, none of them have been accomplished alone. Things that make him smile: Christmas talks with his wife; listening to his sleeping children breathe; and the humbling joy of hearing someone say he's real.A witch puts a spell on him, and now he cana#39;t talk; instead, he has to sing everything he wants to say, and his singing is quite an awful sound (think bleating-goat, mingled with Willie Nelson). The other interesting thing about this goat is that heanbsp;...

Author:Tony Nolan
Publisher:Xulon Press - 2011-11


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