Gasp (Jason and Azazel #9)

Gasp (Jason and Azazel #9)

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Azazel vowed never to tell Jason that she and Jude accidentally ingested the aphrodisiac and had sex, but now shea€™s pregnant with Judea€™s child, and she cana€™t keep the secret from him anymore. Jason never intended to harm any other redheaded girls, but he finds himself compelled to stalk them and capture them. He cana€™t let anyone find out. But Imri knows Jasona€™s secret, and he also knows that Azazela€™s unborn child is powerfula€”too powerful to be allowed to live. He will do everything he can to get at that child, no matter what he exposes, no matter who he destroys. And despite their pain and confusion, Jason and Azazel must rally together to protect this child. Because no matter what, two things are true about them. Their love cannot be broken. And they will always survive.a€œWhat about Nancy? Wherea#39;s Nancy?a€ a€œHere, a€ she whispered from behind Jude. a€œ I can assure you the cloaking spell is working. I cana#39;t sense you anywhere.a€ There was a loud banging sounda€”someone knocking on the door. a€œPolice! Open up.

Title:Gasp (Jason and Azazel #9)
Author:V. J. Chambers
Publisher:Punk Rawk Books - 1973-01-01


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