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The Russian gas giant Gazprom is a symbol of Russia's huge energy resources. This volume aims to improve understanding of the nature of Gazprom, the biggest commercial entity in Russia and the biggest energy supplier in Europe. Gazprom exerts a strong influence on European energy security and plays a crucial role in the international energy cooperation of Europe and Russia. This detailed case study of the energy giant explores the motivation behind the company's strategies and tactics and its policies both domestically and in the near and far abroad. Textbooks on energy economics typically cover efficient extraction paths and regimes for the rational usage of energy resources. The authors of this volume base their analysis on a broad view that goes far beyond this scope. A summary of the history of both the Russian gas industry and the company and a clear description of its basic infrastructure provides a backdrop for the discussion of contemporary issues. Highlighting the role of politics in Russia's gas trade, the authors examine the challenges Gazprom faces in the European gas markets. They offer a historical overview of this Russo-European cooperation, from the gas deals of the 1970s to the recent attempts to create an 'energy empire' and Gazprom's responses to challenges presented by developments in the EU energy markets. The main focus of this study is the conflict between the strategy of vertical integration adopted by Gazprom in the early 2000's and the company's options in response to ongoing changes in these markets. The study covers a broad spectrum of issues, including Gazprom's attempts to penetrate end-user energy markets, political barriers to downstream investment, opportunities to capture new market niches in Europe, and obstacles to implementing Gazprom's new strategic plans. Gazprom provides a critical analysis of Russia's energy industry, making it essential reading for specialists in the fields of international energy relations, energy economics, political science, and the economic history of Russia. It will be of interest to those researching the development of the Russian energy sector and issues of energy security and energy policy. For students of economics and political science at the undergraduate level the book will augment and complement the core materials in their courses on energy economics and geopolitics.In this book the authors have set out to examine and explain its relations with European authorities and major energy companies and ... Russiaa#39;s vast natural gas resource can meet Russian domestic energy needs and also supply the energydeficient European countries. ... of natural gas, which, with its attractive characteristics as a a€œcheap and cleana€ fuel, effectively replaces coal and oil in many settings.

Author:Andrey Vavilov
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2014-12-11


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