Geek Tragedies

Geek Tragedies

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Warning: Great Writing Inside (not bragging here, just being honest) The curse of the intelligence is not being able to turn it off _ as the characters in Carljoe Javierii½s debut collection of short fiction, GEEK TRAGEDIES, realize. Whether they imagine having superpowers or actually use a time machine, the people in Javierii½s stories are unable to stop thinking, speculating, dreaming, and hoping _ which makes every story a delight to read. One of Javierii½s strengths is his ability to render meticulous telling details (from comics and video games to pop culture and even the shockingly mundane_ all are important) and weave them into dazzling textures that enrich every storyii½s narrative. The humorist sensibilities are also present, either seething just below the surface of things, or popping out like a welcome surprise. Now stop reading this and get on with the book. Now.... saw thewhole ship convertedinto a giant dancehall, everyone singing and dancing like the Sexbomb dancers. a€œWHATa#39;S GOING ON, Jeremy?a€ a€œWait, could you turn around for asecond. I kindofgot scratched up in myfamily jewels(of course byanbsp;...

Title:Geek Tragedies
Author:Carljoe Javier
Publisher:University of the Philippines Press and Flipside Publishing - 2011


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