Gen X: A Manual for The Generation of Masterminds and Lost Minds

Gen X: A Manual for The Generation of Masterminds and Lost Minds

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Gen X, the brood, born between the 1960s and the late 1980s, given the banal moniker Generation X, is in fact a multitude of MASTERMINDS who have gone on to revolutionize the tech, food, music, entrepreneurial, political, and social industries. Todaya€™s focus has been on the plight and future of Baby Boomers and Generation Y. Being squeezed from both above and below, ShontAc Jovan Taylor felt the need to place Gen X back into water cooler conversations. No longer will they suffer from the Middle Child Syndrome. Their place in society is NOW and their contributions have been game changing. However, with all of the advancements within this era, the ability to keep up mentally and physically has taken its toll. While Gen Xers hold leadership positions such as CEOs, presidents, managers, executives, and entrepreneurs, they are struggling mentally, physically and emotionally to keep up. Many Gen Xers have yet to find their mental stride and purpose. They are the LOST MINDS. Neuroscience is the secret weapon to optimizing your mental potential ShontAc Jovan Taylor has simplified neuroscience research and distilled these complex strategies into tangible lessons that will allow you to: a€c Manage and regulate your thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and communications a€c Lead current and future generations more authentically and confidently a€c Influence positive change within your organization, teams, personal relationships a€c Find your peak mental performance sweet spot to get things done more efficiently and effectively a€c Tap into unlimited creativity and insights needed to solve problems now as well as in the future Gen X. Take your place.Shontea#39; J Taylor. Whatever stage you are at, though, you are on your way! The best time to get the most out our brain is when it is at its peak. The following strategies will guide you to optimize this peak state of mind.

Title:Gen X: A Manual for The Generation of Masterminds and Lost Minds
Author:Shonte' J Taylor
Publisher:Crystal City Publishing - 2014-03-22


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