Gender Power and Mediation

Gender Power and Mediation

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This book investigates the practice of family mediation and some of the challenges that may hinder its effective use by marginalised groups in a society. Those challenges include gendered power disparity and family violence, especially towards women, and the discussion extends to how the challenges can be overcome through a practice of evaluative mediation to provide fair outcomes for women. Unlike other contemporary books on mediation, this book not only discusses different theories of power and equity in mediation, it also includes a number of verbatim quotes from different mediation sessions to demonstrate how those theories are operationalised in a real life context. While other contemporary texts on mediation focus on Western style facilitative mediation and its limitations in attaining fair justice for women enduring gendered power disparity and family violence, this text emphasises an evaluative mediation style that is embedded in Eastern social practices. Instead of focusing on gendered power disparity and family violence as limitations on the practice of facilitative mediation, this book details the practice of evaluative mediation which may provide fair justice to women despite the presence of gendered power disparity and family violence in a society.... judicial mediation was initiated and another mediation centre was established at Karkardooma Court complex in December 2005 and May 2006 respectively. ... It took many years for the USA to reach the present stage through trial and error.

Title:Gender Power and Mediation
Author:Jamila A Chowdhury
Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing - 2012-11-30


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