Gender Stories

Gender Stories

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Essential for anyone who seeks to understand the contemporary gender landscape, Gender Stories defines gender as the socially constructed meanings that are assigned to bodies. The book helps readers navigate issues of gender by introducing them to the ubiquitous gender binary, the problems with much of the research on gender differences, and the variety of gender stories in popular culture. At the heart of the book is a description of the process of becoming a gendered person through crafting and performing gender stories. Because each gender performance is unique, a virtually unlimited number of genders existsnot just two, as the gender binary would have us believe. The same multiplicity that characterizes the gender landscape characterizes the individual, who typically changes gender multiple times a day and across the lifespan. In Gender Stories, personal gender performances are framed within a philosophy of choice. Readers are encouraged to become more conscious of the choices they have in constructing their gender identities and to allow others the same choice by respecting their gender performances. Readers will easily find a place for themselves in the book, regardless of their views on gender, because one perspective on gender is not presented as the right one. Gender Stories affirms and legitimizes diverse perspectives as providing more comprehensive knowledge about gender for everyone.... body and sexual orientation but also your race, class, nationality, education, religious beliefs, and personality traits. These additional attributes cannot be separated from how you self-identify as a gendered person or present your ... When wea#39;re introduced for the first time to someone we find attractive, we shift into being a different kind of man or woman than we are ... 10 Even when you simply change out of a suit and into jeans or sweats, you make a subtle alteration to your gender.

Title:Gender Stories
Author:Sonja K. Foss, Mary E. Domenico, Karen A. Foss
Publisher:Waveland Press - 2012-06-06


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