Genes and DNA

Genes and DNA

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Covering newsworthy aspects of contemporary biologya€”gene therapy, the Human Genome Project, DNA testing, and genetic engineeringa€”as well as fundamental concepts, this book, written specifically for nonbiologists, discusses classical and molecular genetics, quantitative and population geneticsa€”including cloning and genetic diseasesa€”and the many applications of genetics to the world around us, from genetically modified foods to genetic testing. With minimal technical terminology and jargon, Genes and DNA facilitates conceptual understanding. Eschewing the organization of traditional genetics texts, the authors have provided an organic progression of information: topics are introduced as needed, within a broader framework that makes them meaningful for nonbiologists. The book encourages the reader to think independently, always stressing scientific background and current facts.The gene coding for insulin was synthesized in this way in the laboratory. In order to have this gene ... cells that contain plasmids. This plasmid DNA is purified and cut with the restriction enzyme that will produce the same complementary oranbsp;...

Title:Genes and DNA
Author:Charlotte K. Omoto, Paul F. Lurquin
Publisher:Columbia University Press - 2012-08-14


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