Genesis - In The Beginning

Genesis - In The Beginning

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Genesis a€“ In The Beginning deals with the origin and diversity of Life and early biological evolution and discusses the question of where (hot or cold sources) and when the beginning of Life took place. Among the sections are chapters dealing with prebiotic chemical processes and considering self-replication of polymers in mineral habitats. One chapter is dedicated to the photobiological regime on early Earth and the emergence of Life. This volume covers the role of symmetry, information and order (homochrial biomolecules) in the beginning of Life. The models of protocells and the genetic code with gene transfer are important topics in this volume. Three chapters discuss the Panspermia hypothesis (to answer a€œAre we from outer Space?a€). Other chapters cover the Astrobiological aspects of Life in the Universe in extraterrestrial Planets of the Solar System and deal with cometary hydrosphere (and its connection to Earth). We conclude with the history and frontiers of Astrobiogy.process of avalanche-based evolution. ... Proper adjustment of the relative timescales of protocell division and chemical avalanches is essential (Fernando and Rowe, 2007). ... The problem is more severe in chemical network evolution where there is no capacity in a random chemistry to ... requires a novel autocatalytic mechanism for each new viable loop to ensure transmission across generations.

Title:Genesis - In The Beginning
Author:Joseph Seckbach
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-03-20


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