Geography 360°

Geography 360°

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Offers a skills reference section that can be used as a quick reminder and practice for skills such as drawing pictograms, bar charts and using atlases. This book includes popular topics such as Earthquakes and Volcanoes to help maintain pupils' interest in Geography and encourage them to continue with the subject at GCSE level.Air can be forced to rise in three ways, so geographers give rain three different names depending on what has caused the air to rise (C). Water vapour - water as a gas in the atmosphere ... When this moist air reaches high land it can only do one thing: it has to go up. As the air rises it cools and the water vapour it is ... The warm air rises as a convection current. As the air rises it cools, and the moistureanbsp;...

Title:Geography 360°
Author:Ann Bowen, John Pallister
Publisher:Heinemann - 2012-10-01


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