Geologic Hazards of Moab-Spanish Valley, Grand County, Utah

Geologic Hazards of Moab-Spanish Valley, Grand County, Utah

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Moab Valley and the contiguous Spanish Valley comprise a popular residential and recreational area in east-central Utah. Geologic processes that created the rugged and scenic landscape of Moab-Spanish Valley are still active today and can be hazardous to property and life. To address development in areas with geologic hazards, the Utah Geological Survey (UGS) conducted a geologic-hazards investigation to provide information to Moab City and Grand County to help guide development and reduce losses from geologic hazards. This report includes maps of Moab Valley and the northern and central parts of Spanish Valley that provide information on geologic hazards to assist homeowners, planners, and developers in making informed decisions. The maps show areas where hazards may exist and where site-specific studies are advisable prior to development. The maps are for planning purposes only, and do not preclude the necessity for site investigations. Site-specific studies by qualified professionals (engineering geologists, geotechnical engineers, hydrologists) should evaluate hazards and, if necessary, recommend hazard-reduction measures. Because of the small scale of the maps, some hazard areas are not shown; hazard studies are therefore recommended for all critical facilities (for example, hospitals, schools, fire stations), including those outside the mapped hazard areas.A 1988 statewide indoor-radon survey by the Utah Bureau of Radiation Control reported two test results from the Moab area that were 0.7 and 5.6 ... in the foundation to prevent radon entry, and ventilating the structure to remove radon- contaminated indoor air and venting it outdoors. ... Also, local governments may use the maps to show where site-specific hazard studies are needed prior to development.

Title:Geologic Hazards of Moab-Spanish Valley, Grand County, Utah
Author:Michael D. Hylland, William Mulvey
Publisher:Utah Geological Survey - 2003-01-01


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