Geophysics in the Affairs of Mankind

Geophysics in the Affairs of Mankind

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This personalized narrative is both a technical and economic history showing how exploration geophysics evolved from simple scientific beginnings into a sophisticated science impacting civilization in diverse ways. It presents geophysics as an intriguing scientific and technical field full of sharp contrasts, revealing it as an unusual blend of the theoretical and the practical, the laboratory and the field, the nonprofit effort and the profit-making venture, a cornerstone of peace and an implement of war. Written by members of the profession well acquainted with many of the key actions and players, this book describes intriguing developments and applications that took place within three interrelated fields of earth physics-exploration geophysics, seismology, and oceanography-during the never-ending search for oil and natural gas. Stressing challenge and change, this chronicle is bracketed by two major flex points in Western civilization-the initial waging of deadly global war (1914-18) and the conclusion in the 1990s of the Cold War that threatened civilization with nuclear annihilation. It is a complex story of people and events that highlights the emergence of major industries on the international scene. The book is must reading for all practicing earth scientists and their families, investors in the industry, and people interested in economic geology, public and world affairs, military warfare, the history of science and technology, environmental sciences, and even outdoor adventure.Note 1966a€“36, Lincoln Laboratory. ... Manchee, E., and Cooper, W. D., 1968, Operation and maintenance of the yellowknife seismological array: Seismological Series 1968-2, Dominion ... Oliver, J., 1996, Shocks and rocks: Seismology in the plate tectonics revolution: Am. Geophys. Union. Pakiser, L. C., and Mooney, W. D., Eds., 1989, Geophysical framework of the continental United States: Geol. Soc.

Title:Geophysics in the Affairs of Mankind
Author:Lee C. Lawyer, Charles Carpenter Bates, Robert B. Rice
Publisher:SEG Books - 2001


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